John Higgins

Material: Ceramics | Location: UK
John Higgins is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Fellow of the Craft Potters Association UK, has a BA degree in 3D Design / Ceramics and a Post Graduate Certificate in Art Education. He has experience of teaching at various levels of education, contributes to events, exhibitions, and workshops in the UK and internationally.

His work utilises most ceramic techniques as and when required, and individual pieces will consist of combined techniques to produce the forms. The work is semi functional and uses a range of slips, oxides, and underglaze colours under a transparent glaze. Max temp 1150°C.

Inspiration comes in many guises, in particular place and cultures. It is the intervention of the spontaneous, the unexpected, and the expressive which is the on-going challenge requiring careful observation of that which happens along the way.