Johnny Vegas

Material: Ceramics | Location: Merseyside
Johnny works across the medium of ceramics, print, found objects and the sense of evolution in all things, organic or manufactured, reclaimed by nature or stolen from and replicated in engineered form. The spiritual alongside the palpable. Do souls exist only in those that verbally communicate?

“I see something beautiful in a shape. Some folk don't get it, family or friends often make fun of my weirdness, but as a loner I've learnt to find beauty, mutual appreciation and ultimately inspiration from the inanimate. Solace in the visually discarded. I'm in no better company than when I glimpse a natural form or a lathe turned attempt to borrow from the genius and beauty of nature. I'm captivated by the background of a photo, not the subject in the foreground. My focus refuses to be dictated to by expectations… The daily silent blueprint of human endeavour sings to me.”