Kate Malone

Material: Ceramics | Location: London
Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in the late 1980s, Kate Malone has made a huge impact on the British ceramics scene. Her work appeals to collectors of all ages with widely ranging personal interests and has entered collections across the globe.

“The original idea for these Porcelain pieces are for them to be used as ring holders or ‘small precious jewellery’ holders. Essentially they stand alone to illustrate an essence of joy and optimism which I sense while making ceramics.

The stoneware crystalline glazes physically grow crystals out of the glaze itself as the piece cools in the kiln firing. I have been researching this specific glaze technique for 20 years and have literally thousands of different glaze recipes. These ‘Sliced Hearts, Fruits of Your Dreams’ illustrate the fact that no two glazes are ever the same.”