Kate Moult

Material: Jewellery | Location: Merseyside
We all want to belong, to be accepted as part of a community, or to form part of a tribe.

Ancient tribes stretching across the world have ornamented themselves with jewellery inspired by nature, using these to symbolise status and to set themselves apart from other tribes in both culture and beliefs. Today our choice of clothing, jewellery and other adornments tells us much about a person’s status, values and ideals, and can be used to set us apart from convention.

My work is a modern interpretation of tribal adornment. I take my inspiration from traditional art such as Celtic or Maori, but also capture the spirit of contemporary body art. My work is predominantly crafted in silver, but also incorporates leather and a range of semi precious stones to produce a striking contrast. I design to promote individuality, to make the wearer feel beautiful and to allow the unconventional to belong.

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