Keeley Traae

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Staffordshire
Keeley is a design consultant, product designer and university lecturer with over 25 years of experience within the Ceramic Industry.

This ‘hello beautiful’ collection began in 2020 during the lockdown. Keeley started to explore digital design technology to create her forms which are then 3D printed in her studio. Each design begins with a sketch followed by a digitally crafted 3D file. Keeley is enjoying developing her own aesthetic, inspired by her love for mid-century design blended with classic silhouettes and geometry found in nature. Forms are ribbed, faceted, and fluted, and have tactile surface finishes. The commercially compostable printing materials such as wood filled PLA have their own unique qualities, the striations and marks created by the printer make each piece individual. Colours are chosen to reflect current interior trends and create complementary stories which can grow over time.

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