Laura Plant

Material: Ceramics | Location: Staffordshire
Laura Plant is fascinated by the human desire to make functional objects beautiful as it shows a need for self-expression that is impractical. Ceramics has a familiar quality, used daily in homes around the world it is almost comforting. Yet these everyday objects can be incredibly beautiful in their own right. Growing up near Stoke-on-Trent, the heritage of the area has been an important source of inspiration for her.

Plant combines traditionally industrial processes with craft skills to create her work. Material exploration is at the heart of her design process and she loves exploring the qualities of the ceramic surface. Pouring the glaze creates an almost watercolour wash and exposes the beautiful surface of the clay body. The balance between chance and control means that whilst the design is the same, each piece is unique. Layering print adds another dimension to the surface, with wild flowers of her being a recurring theme.