Libby Bower

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Cheshire
Libby Bower creates handmade greeting cards inspired by her work as a costumier. She illustrates quirky characterful animals using pen and ink, and then adds a flash of gold ink to each illustration. The animals are carefully adorned with embellishments, feathers, sari trims, gold rosettes, broken pieces of jewellery, fabric scraps and textured paper. The embellishments bring the illustrations alive and add a three-dimensional aspect to them. Each illustration is then attached to a blank A5 greetings card, slightly raised from its surface to enhance its three-dimensional nature.

Each card is annotated with a humorous caption typed up on a 1930s typewriter.

She can make cards to commission, whether it is a favourite family pet, a glamorous friend, or a favourite animal not already in her range.