Linda Jeanne Jones

Material: Jewellery | Location: Merseyside
My fascination with making jewellery from various materials started when I was a teenager. I grew up in South Africa, which has a vast range of semi-precious stones. I was also intrigued by the traditional dress of Xhosa women, who wore lots of colourful beads. The designs and patterns of these indicated the cultural status of the wearer within their society.

In the 1960s the simple and striking designs of Danish jewellery inspired me to want to pursue jewellery design and making as a career. Many years later, after moving to the United Kingdom, I was able to follow my ambition and embark on a course which focussed particularly on precious metal skills.

I continue to be influenced by my early memories of brightly coloured jewellery, which has led to my working with a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, aluminium, copper, brass, glass enamel and natural objects.