Muchelney Pottery

Material: Ceramics | Location: Somerset
Muchelney Pottery was established in 1965 by John Leach and his wife Lizzie. Having trained with his grandfather Bernard and his father David, John set up the pottery to continue the tradition of high quality handmade ceramics. He was joined by Nick Rees in 1972 and Mark Melbourne in 2002. Nick retired in 2018; Mark continues to run the workshop and make the catalogue range of pots.

Muchelney Pottery is about tactile forms robustly made with strong shapes and fire-licked decoration. The family tradition is based on knowledge about a natural substance and how it can be worked with to create items of beauty and functionality. Inspiration for pieces comes from a variety of sources, from the land to John’s travels.

John Leach sadly passed away in August 2021. The pottery continues with its foundation of traditional team values and the quest at all times for quality.

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