Nawal Gebreel

Material: Textiles | Location: Merseyside
The latest collection from accessories designer Nawal Gebreel presents a series of opulent origami shapes, sultry swirls, metamorphosed silks and of course the label’s signature - of perfect pleats in abundance. Elaborate scarves dominate this collection and range from day to evening - simple to the more avant-garde. Nawal’s work is heavily influenced by tactile textures, the rhythms of nature, Japanese paper-folding and shibori techniques; whist also drawing from her worldwide expeditions through Europe, Russia, China, Japan and the Americas.

Using a rich colour palette and only the most sumptuous textiles, each item is handmade, stitched and fused with a variety of fabrics to retain each pleat even after wear or wash. The abundance of technique is extraordinary as is the depth of craftsmanship. Nawal’s ability to work fabrics into art into fashion makes each item personal and unique.