Norman Eames

Material: Jewellery | Location: Greater Manchester
Norman Eames studied Mechanical Engineering at Salford University. He has combined his engineering skills with his creative talent to create his unique brand of jewellery, which he has been designing since 2009.

The 'desigNE' range of contemporary jewellery is handcrafted from resin and incorporates aluminium details. The flow patterns derived from alternating layers of blended colours, interrupted by aluminium sections, produce a highly decorative, contoured effect. Norman mixes an extensive range of exciting and unusual colours, which are polished to give a smooth, glossy finish. 'desigNE' jewellery is also deceptively light in weight and comfortable to wear.

Each piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Norman’s Rochdale studio. All earrings are fitted with sterling silver hooks and the pendants are supplied with sterling silver chains. Rings have either sterling silver or aluminium adjustable bases and cufflinks have silver plated cufflink pads. Bangles come with aluminium bands, containing no nickel.

Jewellery Care:
The ‘desigNE’ jewellery range is easily maintained by polishing with a soft cloth to maintain the shine. It is advisable to keep your item of jewellery in the box provided to avoid scratching. It will not be affected by perfumes, etc.

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