Rachel Darbourne

Material: Jewellery | Location: Devon
Rachel Darbourne’s practice is concerned with a number of issues which include; dwindling material resources, a deteriorating biosphere and her ongoing interest in value and how this is ascribed to materials and objects.

This mixed media jewellery evolved, during the early nineties, from a desire to reuse old or waste material rather than buy new. It is made from low density polythene and sterling silver with the majority of the polythene coming from the scrap bin of a UK manufacturer. Through a set of low energy processes this beautifully coloured, single use, low value, two dimensional material becomes three dimensional, textured, wearable pieces of jewellery.

If treated with care polythene will last a very long time, decades in fact, however, when your piece has reached the end of its life you can strip the polythene from the silver and recycle it with your carrier bags at supermarket collection points. The silver can be recycled via a bullion dealer.