Roozbeh Rajaie

Material: Ceramics | Location: Merseyside
My understanding of Persian and Eastern architecture has been the inspiration for all of my ceramics work. I am also highly influenced by western modern design that these cultures have given rise to and decided to draw on both these elements. I am specifically inspired by the ecclesiastical windows and arches evident within Mosques and Churches and the formal and decorative aspects of the bowl. I have sought to discuss the structural, minimal and aesthetic possibilities between their design and their purpose.

By turning plaster on the wheel, I have made the shape, then from the model I made a plaster mould. I have used the traditional technique of slip casting for making the main piece with Semi-Porcelain slip and using stoneware glazes. The glazes are chosen for my decorative pieces carefully taken from the rich decorative elements of Persian yet used minimally reflecting contemporary design.