Material: Textiles | Location: London
RubyKite’s designer printmaker, Tamara Williams creates contemporary mixed media paintings, intaglio and relief prints on cast plaster; exploring unique textures that translate beautifully on to silk and cashmere scarves. Each colour story is printed in more sustainable small batches on natural fabrics, curated by partner Joy Leese, to create wearable art that enhances the original artwork by creating a distinctive 3D effect with a signature chalky palette.

Each piece has a strong emphasis on texture. Both designers love exploring the tactile qualities that the plaster creates with intricate textures and fine carved marks that become hugely abstracted when scaled large over their scarves.

Since launching RubyKite in 2019, the designers’ aim is to create treasured, timeless pieces that prioritise longevity over fast fashion; original art scarves and accessories that stand-out in a world of mass production.

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