Sue Gregor

Material: Jewellery | Location: Bristol
Since 2005 I have been making acrylic contemporary jewellery with wildflower designs. My inspiration is to share what has cheered me up and got me through the tough times. I am enormously comforted by how beautiful the world is. I wanted to share this with people who wear my jewellery. I started working with leaves and flowers, and developed this method of capturing the details of the leaves. My work is not mass produced. Each piece is individually handmade using real flowers and leaves to create the designs.

I use 100% recycled Perspex. It is important to me that I am not contributing to the increase of plastic waste but am doing something to re-purpose some of it. I want to convey the narrative of nature claiming back the man-made, so I confront the synthetic with the wild, by using plants, to produce beautiful and individual acrylic jewellery.