Sue McLaren

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Merseyside
Since leaving full time teaching in 2011 I have been an apprentice, learning the craft of letterpress printing. There are many of us, world wide, engaged in the revival of this discipline loved for its history and tradition.

I have created a body of work including several books: ‘Megastructures’, ‘Brutalist Buildings in Britain’, ‘Hawksmoor and his London Churches’ and ‘The De La Warr Pavilion’. These have been illustrated with linocut prints also drawing on a traditional relief printing technique. The use of simple black and white reflects my love and appreciation for monochrome and its ability to evoke drama and the ‘dark side’.

The work was mostly carried out at Juniper Press and used Victorian Albion presses dating from 1864 and 1875, which were on loan from Liverpool Museums.

I have now established Verso Press and I am continuing my apprenticeship as a ‘journeyman compositor’.