Tom Hill

Material: Metalwork | Location: USA
I have been a full-time artist since leaving college in 1994 and make pieces both for exhibitions and for corporate, public and private commissions.

Animals have pretty much always been the focus of my work… To be honest I much prefer animals to people so I guess it makes sense that I focus on them! I’m really interested in portraying character and the ways in which animals communicate with each other (and indeed with the human world), so much can be conveyed by the simple tilt of a head or flick of a wing.

My pieces are made using mild steel wire, with additions of steel or copper sheet and copper meshes. I consider myself to be both a draftsman and a metalworker. Drawing is at the root of my pieces and I find that steel wire can convey many of the qualities of an ink drawing, with the added bonus of being in three-dimensions.

Image: Pam Seale Photography

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