Tracey Birchwood

Material: Jewellery | Location: Greater Manchester
Tracey graduated in 3-Dimensional Design from Brighton University where she majored in ceramics. Tracey is from Manchester and after her degree she moved back home and in 1996 established her studio at the Manchester Craft & Design Centre in the city’s Northern Quarter.

These stunning collections are made from porcelain and are intricately wrapped with very fine wire. Geometric patterns feature strongly and all the surface decoration is precisely applied. Tracey’s original collection incorporates silver wire with coloured porcelain and each piece has a subtle yet glittery appearance. In contrast the funky collection incorporates a medley of strong vibrant colours in bold stripes and checks.

This innovative range combines Tracey’s trademark porcelain with enamelled copper wire. The newest collection ‘Tassel’ is more feminine and glamorous. Each individual piece combines very simple fittings with multiple porcelain drops.

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