Vivienne Beaumont

Material: Textiles | Location: Shropshire
I feel that the hand-made nature of art has a deep significance and I am conscious of investing an emotional energy and meaning into my imagery. I work with threads as I would with paint - blending and layering. My textile pieces combine the visual and the haptic, where the sensory engagement of cloth and stitch feels potent.

My machine embroidered narratives reflect my affection for ancient landscape and express more personal themes of love, fragility, fear and loss. The atmosphere in the imagery is airless, the space internal. During my MA last year, I worked with imagery and themes relating to the cyclical nature of life and archetypes of the feminine. I began to use gold as a metaphor for transformation. My interest in life’s ephemeral nature and the feminine are symbolised in the use of flowers and harvest’s cornucopia.