Vivienne Ross

Material: Ceramics | Location: Staffordshire
All Vivienne Ross’s work is made using red earthenware clay, which is decorated using coloured slips and underglazes. Her interest lies in making pots which act as containers for both objects and ideas. Each piece is unique; hand-made, individually decorated and signed.

There are only a few potters who use figurative decoration and Vivienne’s work displays a number of qualities, not least being a sense of humour. Figures are draped around her vessels in characteristic style with a good eye for balance and elegant draughtsmanship.

“My interest lies in making pots, which act as a container for both objects and ideas. The shapes are kept simple and made using hand-processes such as press-moulding, coiling and slabbing. With a restricted palette of colours and figures I work intuitively and spontaneously... The figurative decoration, often described as dreamlike, is achieved using brushwork, stencils and sgraffito.”

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